Dealing With Caregiver Depression – Part I: Recognizing The Signs

Dealing With Caregiver Depression - Part I: Recognizing The Signs
There’s no doubt that caregiving is a difficult job. It takes a lot of hard work and extra effort, which is why it can easily lead you to stress, anxiety, and depression.

When you are depressed, it changes the way you think and how you act around people. Surely, it’s one of the worst things to suffer from. Unfortunately, it isn’t a foreign thing to caregivers. All the stress of your job can truly drain you to the point of giving up, thus making it easy to feel depressed.

The symptoms of caregiver depression, each summed up in one to two words, include:

  • Sadness – when you feel empty and lose hope in every situation or when negativity meets you at every turn.
  • Helplessness – if you think that everything you do is wrong and every decision you make only proves how worthless you are but you still find it so difficult to make things right.
  • Frustration – when you constantly feel annoyed or irritated and can’t control your anxiety over little things.
  • Loss of interest – when you have no energy to do the things you love and your favorite activities no longer excite you.
  • Failure to concentrate – when you have a hard time thinking straight and it affects your actions; it also leads you to move slower and being more forgetful.
  • Weight gain/weight loss – some people who suffer from depression end up eating less while others simply cannot stop eating, which results in either extreme weight loss or weight gain.
  • Insomnia – when you constantly have trouble sleeping and barely get enough of it every day.
  • Thoughts of suicide – one of the most common signs of depression is having thoughts of taking your own life because of all the overwhelming emotions.

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