How to Help Your Elders Keep a Good Mood

How to Help Your Elders Keep a Good Mood
Aging has the capacity to give even the realistically cheerful people the reasons to feel bad-tempered and discontented. Your elders may suffer from emotional and physical pain from different physiological conditions such as arthritis and other chronic pain. Also, losing friends to disease or death can add up to the depressive aura of aging. Additionally, memory issues and cognitive glitches can result to fright and frustration and seeing your adult child make decisions for you would lead to giving up the parental role.

New Vision Home Care, a trusted provider of home health care in Six Mile Road Redford Michigan, believes that it is natural for you, the family members, to want to try to lift your elders’ moods. Trying rarely hurts, right? Yes, sometimes you will fail but the chance of success is very much possible. First things first, always remember that you want to cheer old people up, not force them to pretend to be happy for your sake.

Listen and learn

Older people cannot help but feel that they are either a burden or invisible in the family which is often easy for people to think and feel. We tend to see their frailties instead of valuing the hard won wisdom of elders. The most important thing we can do in cheering them up is to simply listen to them—their stories, beliefs, and memories.

You would eventually find the joy in these tales or know more on what it was like during their time. These conversations could also be recorded to preserve family memories for generations to come. Asking pertinent questions helps too!

Remembrances of fond memories that used to bring smiles

Photo albums can bring smiles to many elders—even those with severe memory loss. If the pictures are more recent than the retain memories, it can become an activity that can backfire because frustration could be the end result; however, older people often old picture albums from an elder’s young adult years can foster a sense of belonging and joy.

Puzzles, games, and other shared activities

Older people often fall into an emotional slump when people have too much time to think about their lost friends and remember the activities they can no longer enjoy because of their physical pain. You can ask your provider of home health care in Six Mile Road Redford Michigan on the recreational activities they can offer.

Also, you can check out the Internet for sites that specialize in puzzles, games, and shared activities for older people and those with specific conditions such as dementia. Do not let them feel that their physical and mental disability can wreck their emotional aspect because you can actually do something!

Remember: If they are unhappy, they must be unhappy for some reason
If your parent is usually the complaining type, it would be pretty difficult to change that attitude now. Some older people can even be happy by just talking about how impossible everybody else is and how no one does anything right. Hence, let them complain. But detach from their complaints and don’t take their attitude personally!

There are so much more to know about how to work on elders’ mood! Call New Vision Home Care today! We provide the finest home health care in Six Mile Road Redford Michigan!

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