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imageNew Vision Homecare, Inc. has always been a reliable provider of quality Home Health Care in Michigan since the inception. Our unbroken tradition of Compassionate Care has gained the trust of our clients and those that they recommend to our home health agency. It is with pride that we continue to bring quality health care services directly into clients’ homes.

Some of the services that we offer include Personalized Skilled Care in the Home:

  • Skilled Nursing
    Nursing professionals (RN and LPN) will provide personalized care that includes basic health monitoring to complex nursing functions such as IV Therapy, Care for COPD Patients, Wound VAC Therapy, Therapeutic Anti-Coagulation, Catheter Care and Maintenance.
  • Occupational Therapy
    Modalities & Treatment that focus on helping the client regain his or her work skills. We also provide training that will enable the client to restore independence at home. In the case of a disability, our Occupational Therapist will train the client to acquire alternative skills in order to get by routine activities of daily living.
  • Physical Therapy
    Physical therapists will treat and manage Orthopaedic, Neurological Cardio Pulmonary conditions. The focus of their treatment is in enhancing and/or restoring the musculoskeletal functions of the client through therapy services conducted in the home setting.
  • Speech Therapy
    Speech therapists will work with the client in the evaluation of their speech therapy and language pathology needs. Our experts will treat patients who experience difficulties with communication after a stroke or due to congenital health issues.
  • Medical Social Worker
    Our medical social workers are tasked to arrange for home health services upon the client’s discharge from the hospital. They ensure that there will be continuity of care for the client, follow-up on doctor visits and provide counseling for the family members in coping with lifestyle changes in relation to health issues.
  • Home Health Aide
    Home Health Aides may be assigned with personal care for the client at home. They act under the supervision of a Registered Nurse and take direction from the personalized care plan designed for the client’s specific needs. Home health Aides will keep the client company and will see to it that their comfort, dignity and quality of life are preserved.

New Vision Homecare, Inc. your source for Home Health Care in Michigan, will be happy to assist you in any way possible. Let us work together to achieve your best of health at home.

To request for any of the above listed programs, please call 313-533-7350.


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